Which Instrument shall I learn? click the blue titles to watch.............


These come in small sizes so can be started young, often in year 2

Wind 1 Wind 2 Wind 3 Wind 4

A group of instruments played in different ways, some with a reed, some with a double reeds, some you blow into, or across! Lots of very different sounds


One of the most exciting ranges, from high to low, from huge to small, from valves to slides!!


The instrument we all have. Whatever your favourite style, we can help!

Keyboard and Piano

Piano is a really amazing instrument, playing lots of notes at the same time, from very high to very low!

Keyboard is its modern brother, but with a very different approach. It has its own accompanying rhythms and sounds and fulfils a very different role in music

DJ with Mark. more information to follow



We all know and love drums, but if you learn drums you can also learn percussion, which is a HUGE range of instruments!!


There are many different guitars to learn, classical, acoustic, electric and bass, to name a few.