Learn to Play Groups   Please sign up ready for September 2022 
These are large groups, maximum 12 pupils which run for 1 year. The intention is to give children an opportunity to try music making through learning an instrument. if they enjoy it and wish to continue after a year, they will need to sign up for lessons through the Bedford Music Cooperative. These lessons will normally take place in school during the school day. See the tab at the top for more information and to sign up.
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Choir and Musicianship 
These are for everyone, regardless of what they play. Everyone can enjoy singing, and musicianship teaches you more about the music you play and how it all works! Choir 1 and Musicianship 1 work together as a package as do Choir 2 and Musicianship 2

Musicianship 3 / Theory

An opportunity to take your theorectic knowledge further. All levels welcome from Grade 1 - 5 Theory.

Play Together Groups
Play together groups are to give pupils the experience of making music with others.
Play Together 1 is for pupils who have been playing for around 1 year.
Play Together 2 is for pupils with 2 years experience or more, or who have reached Grade 1 standard and above

Learn to Play: £10.50 per month

One activity: from £7.95 per month

Half Membership: £16.50 per month

Full Membership: £25.50 per month

Early Years Music 
This is a group for building an enjoyment of music and some basic skills in singing, keeping a beat and playing lots of musical games